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There's a legend in the West Indies
and many are they who do believe,
"Rub your finger on the Captain's head"
Sit quietly on the edge of your bed,
holding a bottle of "La Grenade" liqueur
With thoughts and wishes most pure
Press your finger on the Captain's head
Turn your mind to the path you wish to tread,
The spirit of the Captain will hover around
Good luck and fortune will forever abound!

old liqueur La Grenade Liqueur - the oldest and most exotic Caribbean liqueur is manufactured by de La Grenade Industries in Grenada from a secret family formula handed down from one generation of the La Grenade family to the next for over 200 years.

During the 18th century, Captain Louis La Grenade, while sailing through the islands trading in spices, received the recipe for this Liqueur from a Dutch missionary as recompense for a free trip to Grenada. The Captain skillfully added specially selected Grenada spices to the brew.

Today the exquisite Liqueur is meticulously prepared by de La Grenade Industries using Grenada's finest spices, on the same family estate nestled in island’s rolling hills where Captain Louis La Grenade made the Liqueur more than 200 years ago.

La Grenade Liqueur is of such high quality that in 1990 it was awarded a Gold medal from Monde Selection in Brussels, Belgium.